Tilt-tray sorter

First tilt-tray sorter designed especially for airports.

Baggage reclaim carousels

Dimark manufactures both, inclined and flat baggage reclaim carousels.

Security systems

Dimark manufactures tray return systems for airports.

Baggage handling systems
dedicated for airports

Dimark S.A. specializes in designing, executing, assembling and servicing of baggage handling systems for airports.


Wide experience, ongoing research and development activities and client focused attitude ensures that each of delivered baggage handling system is tailor-made according to the airports’ individuals specifications.
Provided baggage handling systems ensure precise tracking and safe movement of baggage to the right aircraft, meeting even the most time-critical schedules.

Uninterrupted operation of your company for 7 days a week is a priority for us. We design and manufacture high quality transport systems matched to our clients’ specific requirements. In order to ensure best efficiency and profitability of transport systems we provide fully automated storage and sortation systems. Assured ergonomics of the systems perfectly combines with well qualified personnel in order to increase safety of the items that go through system.

Security lanes - DimLine - provided by Dimark are dedicated for security checks of hand bags.
Their main purpose is to assure the highest security standard, while their flexible and aesthetic construction enables to meet most sophisticated demands of the airports. A convenient and user- friendly interface determines the maximum passengers and operators satisfaction.

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Tomasz Jaros Poznań Ławica Airport

The implemented baggage control, transport and sorting system has the following efficiencies: 1100 pax/ hour for departures, 1900 pax/ hours for arrivals.
The works were executed properly, in accordance with norms and legal regulations in- force.

Maciej Dziadosz Prokurent Szczecin-Goleniów Airport

The BHS order was executed properly and fully meet the Investor’s requirements. The delivered devices are characterized by a high quality of performance.
On the basis of the previous cooperation with Dimark sp. z o.o. company, we may recommend them as a honest and reliable supplier.

Jarosław Wróblewski Wrocław Airport

The implementation of the Agreement proceeded without obstacles as scheduled, while Dimark sp. z o.o. employees delegated to the project in- subject, always demonstrated knowledge and competence necessary for a proper execution and commissioning of the baggage handling system. The delivered system is characterized by reliability and functionality.
With full responsibility, we may recommend Dimark sp. z o.o. company as a competent contractor of BHS systems.